The Time When,….

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October 7, 2014 by The Jailhouse Doc

This is not so much a blog post as it is a list of all the zany things I hope to write about at some point. Some I have already covered,.. Some are just listed as a reminder to not forget!

  • the guy swallowed the piece of plastic, ok and all the battery swallowers
  • the guy who was put back in jail after violating his halfway house release because he was caring for his 1 year old after his mom died and girlfriend split
  • the guy who did a $1,000 drug deal to put his daughter in college in order to break the cycle of poverty in his family, and now he’s facing the time for dealers not just his part.  Or pay $100,000.  Which he obviously doesn’t have.
  • the mom who went to jail, taking the hit for her kids
  • the trans who asked me for condoms for her jail time
  • the juvenile who just got back court news who was wailing in the hallway
  • the officer humiliating the Central American inmate for greeting his friends with a customary/cultural kiss on the cheek
  • the female who refused to believe she was either pregnant or HIV positive
  • the officer who said someone was suicidal who wasn’t
  • the interactions between African staff and African American inmates
  • the time I prayed with a female inmate
  • the guy who’s accused of child abuse by family members despite having taken in his nephew and trying to raise him well, and spanked him.
  • the child pornographer and the child sex solicitor
  • the guy who’s got contractures and severe ortho debilitation from being shot by police
  • the chief complaint was “cut penis masturbating”
  • telling an old man he can’t have anymore ibuprofen
  • the guy who attempted suicide hours before he was supposed to be released
  • the guys who get jumped and won’t say who did it
  • the tatted 20 y/o asked me “isn’t sex outside of marriage a sin?” when I was giving STD counseling,…
  • the woman who stabbed a man to death,….
  • getting flashed by a guy on the street asking for directions, and then looking at mug shots…
  • the German inmate
  • the male patient who told a male doctor that he doesn’t eat the jail food, he just needs to “eat a dick.”
  • The inmate who cuts himself repeatedly, is doing a plea deal for 16-23 years, missed his son’s sixth birthday
  • the 19 y/o inmate with mental retardation and possibly autism
  • the guy about to get out after doing 30 years from the crack epidemic times,…
  • The female inmate who paid men for sex just so she could be the “one with the power.”
  • the man who did 35 years for murder, but while in prison, contracted AIDS.  Is now dying of AIDS.  Was released, carried a knife to protect himself while on the street, and is now back in prison because he was not supposed to be in possession of a weapon.

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